Why and What is EmpoweredProphet

Hi, I would like to introduce a little bit and explain the reason and intention behind EmpoweredProphet and how it started.

EmpoweredProphet is a name of  a Youtube Channel that I personally created in 2012 for the experimenting with online marketing, which I wanted to do for a living. Didn’t work well as I expected, so I used the channel just for uploading interesting videos that I found on Youtube. Within some while, the videos been liked and shared by viewers and I realized that this is what people really like, and also what I like.

It’s basically personal development what gives us opportunities to live the life we want. The wisdom and knowledge is more important than many people would think. On the other side, there is a spirituality and spiritual life. I think that the major mistake that many do, is that people differentiate and distinct spirituality from knowledge, so called “real world from spiritual world”, and it’s been like that for hundreds, maybe thousands of years.

But we are certainly coming to the age when more and more people, just like me, are awakening and becoming more aware of themselves,connecting the missing gap between the spiritual and materialistic worlds. It’s very important to realize that the wealthy people can be spiritual and that money is not necessarily evil causing the pain and misery to those who have the lack of it. Until now, for hundreds of years, people were putting the significance and importance only on materialism and those who were spiritual, only on spiritualism. It’s time to merge these two together and become the One!

Spiritual World of Finances

I believe that having the financial security and job that you love are two very important things to spiritual growth, and I also believe that it’s each person’s responsibility to get to the point where you feel safe, without any kind of fear. If you are not happy with your life now, change it! Change yourself through changing your most used daily habits that are the most likely the cause of a reason why you are not happy. You don’t need to be 100% happy all the time, but in order to be happy, all anyone have to do is to be happy more than 50% of a time and that’s it! It’s that damn simple, but hardly to be executed for many people. Nobody in the world is happy all the time, it’s impossible.

Another thing is that the “Money” are not necessarily always the reason or cause of happiness. It could be, but again you have to be happy. For example, If you’ll be working for the huge corporate business company that exploit the planet and perhaps even people, and you are unhappy about that but keep your job because they pay well and you don’t know what else to do, IT SUCKS! Big Time.

A Little Story about the True Money Evil

So many people spend the most of their time/life in the place that they don’t like and makes them unhappy, just because of money. So the story goes on and on, “The Money is EVIL!” because it makes people unhappy and doing the bad things. But let me tell you that this story is completely wrong, and it’s missing the important element!


We, people, like excuses and blaming the other thing for our irresponsibility, just like with the money and rich. The money is not evil, but rather the bad person possessing the money is evil. And here comes another thing, all rich people are not necessarily evil just because they are rich. There is a plently of good carring people in this world, but just as it is, the most of the people like to pay attention only to the bad stuff that happens not much of the good stuff. It’s proven that majority of people prefer watching or reading the bad news rather than good news, that the reason why all the global news channels are mostly promoting bad news, people like it! It’s makes them for a little moment to feel good about themselves because they are lazy as f**k. Instead of start working on yourself, on personal development and add the usefull habits in your everyday life, people rather watch something worse than their life, current situation, to not to feel that bad, which is laziness or lack of knowledge. Either way, both of these things are completely pathetic as an excuse, especially in today’s world when I can learn anything I want, find any kind of information I need or want in a matter of seconds of minutes, and it doesn’t cost me almost anything but my own precious time.

I personally don’t watch the news and TV, but it doesn’t mean that I am not well informed what is happening all around the world. It’s important to be in today’s picture, up to date. I absorb the knowledge through internet, books or audio/video recordings, basically I choose what I want to watch or read, and it’s always something good and educational.

The Last Words

So my last words to the audience and readers would be, “Do Not Waste Your Time with the stuff, things, or tasks that won’t anyhow benefit you now or in the future, always think about the steps you do in everydays life, be aware and focused!”.

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