Trump Election Disaster

Is Over a Half of the US Population Alright?

This is a kind of out of the context of this site (no politics), but I strongly feel to add up a few words what I think about Donald Trump being elected as a president by over a half of the population of the United States. I really don’t get it, how this could happen.

This is where people sometimes happen to be wrong, like me this time when I was almost confident that Mr Trump won’t be elected as a president of the US.

I thought that we, as a nation and human beings, became already smarter than that by past decades and centuries. But clearly not. What is going to happen for the next 4 years will mainly affect the American citizens living in the US, but I am not naive and I know that it going to have a huge effect on the whole world.


“I am the best businessman and I will make a Great Great Deals!” so perhaps he should add “Great deals to himself!”. It really surprises me that over a half of the pop. don’t see that. First, He never been interested in any humanitarian or general help to the people or public except he employs a couple of hundreds of people in his own business: Second, He is not even that great businessman as he says, there are hundreds of much more successful people. Just look into his past and you will learn what kind of person he may is.

And finally Third, JUST LISTEN TO HIM! He is not that great presenter and speaker.

You know, there is a quote that is very truthful, “People like the people that are similar to themselves.” It scientifically proven, that people subconsciously will like those who are like themselves. For example, if there is a fat and ugly person, who do you think that this person will like more? The nice athletic build sporty person living and eating healthy, or the overweight blob eating at McDonalld’s?

I wouldn’t bet on this horse, that’s for sure. Someone who appears to mostly care about himself, mostly adore himself and think that is the best in everything, raises money for the charity and then buys a huge portrait of himself for that money, doesn’t give either one solid and doable solution to anything, and wants to BUILD SOME STUPID WALL!

This is serious mad shit, my friend! Let’s see what comes out of that.


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