Spirit Science

The spirit science is a pretty new thing and it finally found its place in the modern society and acceptance, even though, the spiritual science has been around longer than we could imagine.

As we are getting closer to the end of the cycle that all the ancient civilization knew about, more and more people are awakening from their dream to the real world.

This spiritual shover awakening is like a re-born, as most of the people refer to.

The artificial materialistic world won’t matter that much anymore, only as a secondary objective in life.

More people start understanding themselves, more they will connect with mother Earth and Universe, lower and higher self.

The spirit science is opening the door to more adventures and possibilities which evokes the curiosity of inner child inside us.

And as we know, the curiosity is the first step in finding and learning path.

Somehow it is very important to be and live the spiritual life and be aware of self and own actions in this world.

In the spiritual science, there is no punishment for the mistakes, but rather the act of learning and moving forward, the act of personal growth.

We can see the mistakes as a great opportunity to quickly learn, like a shortcut.

It is possible to go in life without mistakes and still achieve the high level of spiritual and personal growth, but one should not beat herself/himself up for the mistakes, but see it as an opportunity to be wiser and learn.

The spiritual world is full of things to learn and exercise, such as Sacred Geometry and Meditations, and all of it being closely connected with each other.

For example, by learning and understanding the sacred geometry, it can be easier to achieve a better meditation experience and other way around.

spirit science

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