kinds of law

What is the Purpose of Law – Definition, Characteristics, and Kinds of Law

purpose of the law

What is the True Purpose of the Law and Why People Made All Kinds of Laws

We have all kinds of laws in this world and universe.

Some laws are old or even older than this world and are necessary to keep the world and reality as we know and are used to.

While on the other hand there are laws that are quite new and do not really help us to feel safe and make sense of things.

Those modern laws are made by humankind, people who need to feel having control over people and things because deep inside they are in doubt and unsure themselves.

The purpose of the law is from the very beginning to suppress the lies, unfair, or violent behavior. In other words to keep safe those who speak the truth, don’t hurt anyone or anything, and who respect others.

The problem is that we live in the world of polarity when we always get the opposite too.

The more laws we create, the more crime will occur, and if more crime occurs, more laws must be made. It’s like a chain reaction self-feeding machine that just grows.

What happens is that the law that should serve to the majority of people, starts to go against them/us.

We can see this happening all around the world in every single country.

It’s up on every single person to realize that if we are all truthful and respectful to each other, there wouldn’t be any need for official laws.

In order to become aware and understand we need to feel free and safe. Personal freedom plays a huge part in self-realization and self-awareness.

Constant fear and anger won’t bring any good and growth.

From my own experience, I never encountered the situation when the Law would be there for my safety and benefit, a rather right opposite.

I have always been respectful to other people and environment. But when we are getting older, wiser, and more open-minded there will be some situations when we’ll come into conflict with the law.

Because when you will start thinking about the entire definition of human-made law existence, you learn that the Law never liked and was in favor of open-minded people, spiritual people, and thinkers.

The main purpose of the Law is to keep the herd of sheep from spiritual evolving and too much thinking, so it’s much easier to control.

I’ll give one example of the law that has the strong agenda in the self and spiritual growth, which we all should be heading for.

The Law against the Cannabis plant and its use for personal purposes is the great example. Even though there are a few states in the world that respect the amount for personal use, most of the countries have incorporated laws against it.

The reason is that the psychoactive substances that we get by smoking or consuming the cannabis plant are stretching our mind and boundaries, that eventually leads to the realization that we don’t need the system, governments, and laws to live happily in peace without the fear, domination, and more control.

Everyone knows that the plant never hurt anyone except making some people feel crazy because of their personal issues in life, not because of the plant.

Thus, Cannabis is illegal and Alcohol with tobacco that kill thousands of people every year is legal and accessible to anyone without much of the restriction.

See the irony?

So everything indicates that laws are definitely not about creating the healthier and happier nation, but again, the right opposite. Which I believe have also to do with the pharma and World Health Organization.

We need more personal freedom, not the Laws.

kinds of law

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