Personal Freedom and Growing as a Good Person

Personal Freedom has amongst many different people, many different meanings. It all comes down to each individual’s personal life story.

From the moment we grow up and start thinking for ourselves, getting opinions and views on life and different things associated with life, we start creating and maintaining our own story that we tell ourselves and about ourselves.

The story could be good, bad, neutral, crazy, lame, interesting, curious…but what matters most is that our story is what we believe is the truth.

From out of that come different opinions on what is the truth actually?

What I strongly believe from the deepest bottom of my heart, is that the ultimate Truth is the Personal Freedom of every person.

personal freedom

Personal Freedom Throughout the Time and the Universe

Very, very long time ago, in the time of Atlantis and beyond, we humans were very different from now, some would say more sophisticated or spiritually evolved than now.

Human people of that time didn’t just believe in the Ultimate Truth and Personal Freedom, but the knew and lived it with the entire body and spirit.

People had telepathic powers to communicate not just with other humans, but also with everything in the Universe, with the voice of Truth.

Nobody would have any doubt about the validity of the truth, since 100% transparency and personal freedom.

The Oldest AbOrigin Tribe Today

Australian Aborigines

Up until now as of 21st century, there is only one original native tribe that is very different from us, as of today, living in the harmony with nature in the Australian Plateaus, called Aborigines.

According to them they all born and have the sort of telepathic powers, where they can see, sense, and feel what other Aborigines, even across the Globe.

They are deeply connected with nature and the entire planet through their lower self, and with the Universe through their higher self.

The World and Personal Freedom in the 21st Century

Aborigines instinctively know and can do what we (the rest of the world) have to find and learn. For them, the way they are and live, that is the definition of Personal Freedom. Take it away from them and you take away their personal freedom.

In today’s world, especially in so-called highly developed countries (ex. US or UK), we can See the biggest lack of personal freedom for the vast majority of people.

Therefore in the less developed countries, we may experience the financial poverty, but a much higher level of personal freedom, but this doesn’t have to be true in every case.

There might be places where both are pretty bad, (ex. North Corea, Lybia, Syria, etc.).

Financial Freedom is not Personal Freedom

This is what a lot of modern people mix up.

The Financial Freedom does not necessarily mean Personal Freedom. For many people being or becoming financially free means achieving personal freedom, which can be true, but in most of the cases, it’s not.

Personal Freedom is how you live your life, how much of a good person you consider yourself to be, and if really truly do what you always wanted to do with love in your heart, and not how big figure is on your bank account.

We, modern people, experience very little of personal freedom in our lives, being controlled by the laws and rules made by same people like us, who just want to be above everyone else in order to control.

Those people are psychologically manipulating and recruiting other alike them individuals (ex. cops, army) by giving them function, immunity, and resources to help to control the vast majority of people (You).

It’s sad, but this is how the modern world looks like since about 2000 years ago.

But there is good news overall.

The Personal Freedom is within each one of us and we have the choice to be free or follow the orders.

More and more people are awakening and realizing this scam control agenda of the world top leaders, and with more people realizing the Truth these world rulers will get no other chance than give up.

So, be curious and learn how to be a good person and you will achieve your Personal Freedom that no one can take away.


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