Is World Ventures a Scam to Rip You Off? World Ventures Reviews

Read our unbiased, unprejudiced, and open-minded review of one of the biggest and fastest growing network marketing companies in the world – World Ventures, and uncover the truth behind the scam claims whether it’s truth or not.

World Ventures Scam

What Does World Ventures Actually Offer?

Ok, their main marketing objective is to grow their company through recruiting more people in through their marketing compensation plan that for some people looks like a pyramid scam scheme. The truth is, that it is a pyramid, just like every other network marketing company, so saying that every pyramid scheme is a scam would be a little bit ignorant. Just take for an example any big corp. business company that employs hundreds of people. Isn’t that a pyramid scheme too? The post rank and the employee salary is structured exactly that way, you don’t see the CEO and freshly hired employee having the same salary or having the same work description, thus many people see this structure as normal since there is not really an alternative with a very few exceptions (AKA Bridgewater Associates where every small employee is treated as important part of the company business and can contribute with own ideas and creativity)

So, with all of this being said, the pyramid scheme is not always a scam scheme to rip people off of their money. But obviously, we also cannot be naive to think that all network marketing companies or big corporations cannot be a scam, just like every business or individual can scam you no matter how big or small.

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About World Ventures

Now back to the case of World Ventures and if they are a pyramid scam scheme or not.

This one is not easy to answer because there truly isn’t one answer that fits all. For some people who got recruited to World Ventures with a promise of easy money and dream lifestyle without much of hard work, learning, and study, for those World Ventures is going to be seen as a Scam because they were told something that is not true (such as that building business from scratch and making money is easy with WV).

The Scam is created once someone is saying and claiming the statements that are not true.

Can You Make Money with World Ventures?

I am going to answer this one as simple and as accurate as I can.

Anyone can make money with World Ventures, if not they would be around for so long, but there are a few things that everyone should consider before signing up with them. The truth is that if you are not on some level a business minded person or have some experience in marketing and dealing with people, the big chances are that you will not make any money or profit at all since this required some skills and work. So if you are not willing to put a lot of your time to learning new skills and educate yourself a little bit in the network marketing sector, my strong advice is DO NOT SIGN UP with World Ventures because you will just fail and become one of those people who say that World Ventures is a Scam, and every other network marketing company is too.

Of course, whatever they do or don’t promise could be interpreted in many ways, for some 100% sense, while for others complete nonsense.

So, you can make money with World Ventures if you have the characteristics of a leader, or you are good in communication with other people, or you are a Great Scam Artists! Those previous two would be preferable.

You resell the World Ventures membership packages and their Dream Trips packages and that’s how you make money.

About World Ventures Dream Trips

World Ventures Dream Trips Reviews
World Ventures Dream Trips Reviews

Are Dream Trips really the cheap way of luxury traveling or just a bait to spend your hard earned money?

Ok, Dream Trips claim to give their members the cheapest luxury travel and accommodation in luxury 5-star hotels worldwide. While it’s true, many times the difference between WV prices and regular prices is not that significant, and if you don’t travel at least 10 times per year, you probably will pay more in World Ventures monthly membership fees than you would save on their Dream Trips special packages and deals.

Conclusion and Strong Advice to Starting Entrepreneurs

If I was about to start getting involved in marketing and online business, I would definitely first get the proper good training on how to build an online business and how to become an entrepreneur. Remember that most of the people recruiting their downline for World Ventures will tell you how easy it is, that you don’t need to have any experience or be an expert to make a lot of money with World Ventures and their Dream Trips. And I can guarantee you that 99% of those people actually would not make that kind of money that they promise you to make because they never bothered to educate themselves properly, and they were probably recruited by someone the same way they are trying to recruit you.

Don’t be one of 99% but rather 1%.

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