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Important Part of Progress is Failing Well and Learning Fast

Fail Well Learn Fast

In our lifetime we hear many wise sayings, the keywords that define the good life as a good person, but how many times we actually truly understand the real meaning behind those words?

The only way how to be really happy is through the progress. Our human brains just love the progress of any kind, and the reward for it is unconditional happiness.

This doesn’t mean that everyone should blindly go and do stupid mistakes where is no or very little learning. The situation should be approached in the sense of not wanting to fail, but when it happens there is an opportunity to learn.

While it’s hard to do no progress at all, the more common case scenario is progressing on the wrong thing (for example alcohol drinking, self-sabotaging, not moving, gaining weight, you name it).

So why most of the people aren’t happy?

It’s because they are afraid of temporarily failing while achieving the goal. They accept the failure as a terminal thing, instead of the opportunity to explore and learn and progress.

It means “Failing Well”.

Do not make the mistakes to be a bad thing in your life, but rather the mentioned opportunity.

It’s harder to do this from the start, but it gets easier after while and after even longer while it becomes a habit. Just like everything else that you start doing regularly over and over again.

It is very simple but not easy to do because there is required a huge amount of patience and determination to exercise on daily basis and slowly incorporate these principles and habits into your life.

Learning Fast

Usually, it is that the most rewarded people in life are good learners + quick decision makers. So it’s essential to develop the skill of learning fast, making fast good decisions and take a full responsibility for them.

learning fast

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