How to Be/Feel Happy and Live Extraordinary Life

I am a strong believer in self-discipline and the fact that there is never something for nothing in this world/reality that we live in, and trying to feel and be happy, while living a mediocre and ordinary life of not even knowing Real Self, pretending to be happy, when on the inside frustrated and knowing that something is not right.

Be Extraordinary to Live Extraordinarily and Find the True Happiness

How to happy and extraordinary

I decided to start writing these blog posts because I believe that what I am saying will resonate with someone who’d just feel the similar or same way, simultaneously in the present moment of time.

I feel the urge to write this down and share with whoever seek some help towards the answers.

Throughout my life, I have noticed that there are some very big differences between the people who are truly happy in life and those who are not or just pretend to be.

Happy people are in almost every case extraordinary because they mastered the hardest and most important part of the life.

They don’t lie, are respectful and open-minded, don’t pretend to be something they are not, and most importantly mind their own business.

Therefore miserable and unhappy folks do the right opposite. The Ego is trying to hurt the others because it’s unhappy itself, I’ve seen this before in my own life when I was growing up.

Also, unhappy people don’t like and avoid mistakes, happy people do and learn from them.

By saying, Living Extraordinary I mean adopt your own opinion and principles for all areas of your life. Somehow I always felt my own responsibility to find and learn these things.

With your own Head and Opinion, you are already Extraordinary and happiness will follow.

Our thoughts are primarily responsible for our momentary mental state, so here comes discipline.

By training your mind to be happy, it will then adopt the principles that mean happiness and apply them in everyday life.

As you can see I didn’t mention the money and financial wealth as one of the factors being responsible for peoples happiness because the money and material wealth is very irrelevant to true long-term happiness without being happy first from within you.

Some people would argue, but money can only give the feel of artificially created temporary happiness which will soon or later fade away.

The Life’s Journey, that’s what is important.

But most of the people don’t do that, but rather keep burying themselves in miserable self-pithiness thoughts.

It takes courage, self-discipline, persistence to be happy, especially from the start, but then it gives an unforgetable sense of freedom in life.

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