Empowered Network Joins World Ventures

Empower Network joins World Ventures company

Today’s special quick announcement from the Network Marketing world, that David Wood’s Empowered Network is joining the world leading travel club World Ventures.

The Empower Network which is the network marketing company and really took off and had its boom in 2012 and thousands of new members all around the world were joining every day, is joining the forces with another big network marketing travel company World Ventures.  (Empower Network company did officially bankrupt in August 2017, and their website is no longer accessible)

Empower Network got famous by presenting ‘the simple but not easy’ way of becoming rich through reselling their marketing packages and growing own network of marketers. The truth is that only the people with the influence could benefit from and become wealthy Entrepreneurs with Empower Network.

World Ventures, apart from Empower Network, is offering the cheap travel and holiday packages to the expensive destinations through their monthly membership packages, also recruiting the new members and persuading them to purchase one or all of their available membership packages.

World Ventures company seems to be much smarter about their Network Marketing approach since the whole membership package consists of two main areas:

  1. Holiday packages to various destinations for discounted prices for monthly membership fee
  2. Or becoming their Network Marketing Representative and resell their membership as an addon (fees also apply)

Or you can do both, which looks like the most popular option for the vast majority of people because the idea of traveling while making the money through recommending the WV company to others sounds just so good. While many people became very rich through doing very little work except recommending World Ventures, most of the ordinary people who will “Get In” and try will most likely fail.

The Final Advice:

I am not trying to be mocking anyone, neither their ways of doing business, but I’ve always been a bit supporter of proving high value to the community and market, which in my opinion these 2 companies lack off especially Empower Network.

I am not talking out of the air, since I actually became (for a little while) the member of Empower Network when they were at the top booming, and I’ve been just starting with the home business and online marketing back in 2011 – 2012. Even remember that the hype was so huge that their website was for a while 400th most visited site in the world by Alexa Ranking Meter, which was a very big deal, but now a few years later they are completely wiped out and gone since the value that they were offering in exchange for thousands of dollars wasn’t adequate at all.

That was the biggest reason why I left after about 6 months of being a member.

Decide for yourself, there are not 100%-sure easy ways to make money online, you can get lucky just like some Empower Network Members did, but at the end, you are selling the rabbit in a bag rather than a high-value product.

There are definitely better and more honest ways to make money online. One of the most lucrative ways is the eCommerce, selling the products on Amazon, Social Media, or through organic searches (SEO). Amazon eCommerce is growing year by year, which is a sign of a good stable profit growth with a minimal risks involved.

If you are interested in learning more about the power of amazon and eCommerce business, just check out this Free training called Amazing Selling Machine, it’s a series of 4 videos about 20-30 min each, and at the end of the 4th video you get a chance to opt-in and get their official course on how to build a business empire leveraging the Amazon eCommerce business model.

Learn more about Amazing Selling Machine 9.

Please, leave your thoughts and comments, (especially if you were the EN member).

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