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How to Change the World Starting Within YOU

change the world

We are all the one, the same, the unity, and if we all could just realize that and see not just with own eyes, the world as we know would completely change, and no further outer actions would be necessary to once again live in the harmony, not just a balance.

For hundreds or even thousands of years people scream for personal freedom, justice, peace, and equality in the society, while the others crave for war, fear, and control of those who want to live in peace.

We can Never have just ONE or the another because we live in the world of duality/polarity, where everything has its opposite.

Just see, for example, hot – cold or up and down, wet and dry, light and dark, life and death, and so on and on and on.

One might say that its just coincidence and that it’s just how the language works, but really? Is it?

Once you start to think about it to the deeper level the realization or Awakening will take the place.

The only way how to change the world is within Us.

Not many people in the world understand what this exactly means, but more people every day are slowly awakening.

This is what all the prophets and Jesus were saying, and trying to make people understand. There were many throughout our time and history.

By practicing meditations and focusing just entirely on yourself and the connection with nature and universe is the best way to start.

Use your heart to practice and learn, not the brain.

Learn how to get into your heart because it is the only place where anyone can visit and experience the world outside the polarity.

By going there for first short and then longer visits, you will start to understand.

So more of the crave for peace using the brain will automatically create the opposite of what peace means to us, which could be wars, conflicts, and violence for example.

The spiritual leaders, ancient tribes, even biggest physicists and inventors of all time such as Einstein and Tesla understood this, but it never been accepted by the conventional science until now.

I don’t expect the vast majority of people to understand this, but some will, and there will be more.

When starting judging anything or anyone in this world, always start with yourself and use your heart.

Once you experience, then you’ll know that there is no need for anything else or any external/outer force.

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living in the heart

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