How to Be/Feel Happy and Live Extraordinary Life

I am a strong believer in self-discipline¬†and the fact that there is never something for nothing in this world/reality that we live in, and trying to feel and be happy, while living a mediocre and ordinary life of not even knowing Real Self, pretending to be happy, when on the inside frustrated and knowing that […]

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Money, Wealth, and Financial Success – How to Achieve It

A lot of money and wealth is in our society taken as the financial success, but it doesn’t always mean the personal success. See, throughout the ages, we kept and cultivated stories about the money and wealth being bad, evil, or that it changes people for bad. The statement is completely wrong, and here it […]

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what is courage

What Does Courage Mean and Words of Encouragement

For different people, the word Courage would¬†mean the different thing, but what it really means is the ability to deal with any problem that comes along in life. There are many words of encouragement which help us to maintain the courage and leadership. If everyone in this world would have a strong courage we wouldn’t […]

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kinds of law

What is the Purpose of Law – Definition, Characteristics, and Kinds of Law

What is the True Purpose of the Law and Why People Made All Kinds of Laws We have all kinds of laws in this world and universe. Some laws are old or even older than this world and are necessary to keep the world and reality as we know and are used to. While on […]

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living in the heart

How to Change the World Starting Within YOU

We are all the one, the same, the unity, and if we all could just realize that and see not just with own eyes, the world as we know would completely change, and no further outer actions would be necessary to once again live in the harmony, not just a balance. For hundreds or even […]

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Personal Freedom and Growing as a Good Person

Personal Freedom has amongst many different people, many different meanings. It all comes down to each individual’s personal life story. From the moment we grow up and start thinking for ourselves, getting opinions and views on life and different things associated with life, we start creating and maintaining our own story that we tell ourselves […]

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