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First of all, I am going to introduce myself and my association and real reviews of World Ventures program, products, and services, as it goes along from the first day I got involved, signed up, and affiliated with this travel network marketing company.

World Ventures Dream Trips Review – 1st Day

I started building my own business about 4 years ago when I got sick of 9 to 5 routine and constantly building someone else’s dream instead of mine. There wasn’t much choice in that time for me, at least that’s the way I looked at it, so I got an idea to start learning about online marketing, specifically SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I chose SEO, because the only thing I owned that time was a bag of clothes and laptop, and also because I realized from the beginning that it can give me apart from financial freedom, also geographical freedom, which is the biggest advantage.

Long story short, through the struggle, hard work, and some investments, I have been able to build the business that started paying off, and kept me above the water to pay for the important things for my business and also bills. And I truly have to say that I am so glad I did that important decision, that I am going to achieve my goals no matter what. But my approach didn’t allow me to grow quickly and fast. Because of my low self-esteem, I wouldn’t communicate with people about my business, what I can do, how much I charge etc.

So, subconsciously, I wanted to create the kind of business where I don’t have to meet or talk to people. But I learned soon that it’s the wrong approach, that even if I make everything work, there still going to be that obstacle, and I will keep on doing the same thing. So I decided to break my comfort zone and fears to learn how to talk to people about business and very private topic like the “MONEY”.

Travel, Meet Cool People, and Make Money

I went to 3-day intensive seminar earn about my comfort zone and how to overcome any objections. It wasn’t just great info and exercises, but I also met a couple of nice and passionate people of whom I learned about the World Ventures travel company that took the entire travel experience to the next level. If I wasn’t so open-minded because of that seminar, I probably wouldn’t really listen to that person telling me about this Travel Club. After the 2 hours of proper explanation, I learned and understood what the World Ventures exactly is and what are the benefits of being a member.

And it got me thinking.

If I am able to go for a luxury holiday for the very affordable price, that is my opportunity!

What is World Ventures – The Largest and Fastest Growing Travel Club?

I will explain what exactly is WV, and how it might be beneficial for you or your business. If you are like me, it feels uncomfortable to talk to other people, potential clients, about your business and why they should hire your services or buy your product. This is true especially in Online Marketing industry, whether it’s SEO, PPC, business consulting and stuff like that. You have to put out your message right so that people understand that and get it right without turning them away.

Anyway, what World Ventures company does is, that they find and negotiate the best deals for you to go on an exotic and luxury holiday in 5 star hotels, adventurous activities, or cruising around the Carribean, some of them for literally the half the price with the special bonuses depending on what level of membership you choose, Gold or Platinum.

Now, before I say how much costs the membership, another one important thing to understand first, which I didn’t really get in the beginning, but the second time.

All the money that you spend  are going directly towards your next holiday trip, 100% of the money for membership fee is there for you to spend on super discounted holidays and dream trips.

  1. The Gold level is $200 setup fee and $50 per month
  2. The Platinum is $300 setup fee and $100 per month

All the money you keep for the next dream trip or holiday, it’s like you load up your bank account for spendings. Now, there is also the other way that you can 100% avoid of paying the monthly fees. If you refer 4 customers who will sign up for either one membership level, ALL the payments will be CANCELED and you remain to be a full member with all the traveling benefits. It’s perfectly working marketing strategy, which works. People love to go for the holiday anyway, so why not to get the cheapest deals for a very luxury experience. Of course, there will be people who prefer a different type of holidays and experience and it’s absolutely fine. Not everybody appreciates the 5-star hotels and luxury, I get that, and I am one of those people.

Opportunity for Me

But I see the Big opportunity here. My business is about SEO, which in a nutshell is getting the real organic online traffic to the people’s websites or other web properties. If someone searches on Google for the product or service, what comes first on page one comes down to SEO, in most of the cases. So it makes sense that businesses appreciate and want to be on the first page for the profitable and a buyer intent phrases of their business.

I asked myself, who goes on the luxury 5-star hotel holiday? Rich people, the business owners, investors etc. basically the people who have the money and who don’t think poor, which is the best clientele and possibly lifetime client for me. It’s also an easy way to start a communication about the business because people are relaxed and open-minded on their vacation.

World Ventures Scam or Not Conclusion

Personally, I cannot really see anything like a scam about WorldVentures, but I maybe know where it’s coming from.

There is another extra way that you are FREE to choose to do with World Ventures. You can become a partner, a business owner, promoting their product which is the cheap luxury Holiday or Vacation. If you’ll do so, and pay $100 setup fee which again goes automatically towards your next trip, you will be presented with an account wher you will be able sign up new people who want to become members and get cheap holiday deals, in which case you will be earning rewards in a form of cash that you can withdraw and spend on whatever you want.

And this is what turns off a lot of people. The Network Marketing! Network Marketing is a business model that has been around ever since. It’s great and proven business concept, therefore there hasn’t been a single network marketing company that hasn’t been called a scam and accused of the violation, blah, blah, blah… Yes, there are some bad scams that try to just rip off people, but those do not stick around, like World Ventures 11 years on the market.

It’s like saying that Trip Advisor or National Geographic is a SCAM! Of course, we don’t say that because it’s kind of ridiculous to do so. But once there is included a little word like marketing – selling, marketer-salesman, or a business, it’s automatically attacked and assumed being a scam. Negative emotions are stronger, so they come up first. It’s normal. But to do own research and come up with own conclusions is important otherwise, you always will be someone’s follower, not a leader.

Click here to check out the Dream Trips yourself

I will keep updating you guys about my World Ventures Review as it goes along, so perhaps check back in a month time.

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